In April of 1987 I was heading South toward the Sunshine Skyway bridge only to find a long line of vehicles. After paying the toll I asked the attendant what the hold up was. They replied, “We are opening up the new bridge in a half an hour.” By that point, I had been in St. Petersburg for only one week and didn’t even know that I would be one of the first vehicles to cross that brand new bridge! 

After a quick look at South Florida beyond the Skyway I immediately turned around! I drove back to St. Petersburg because I knew I wanted to call it home. It has been great to raise a family and be in business in the St. Petersburg area for over 30 years. Throughout that time we have had thousands of satisfied customers, homes and businesses alike. Striving to offer a superior service at an affordable price has always been our priority. Seeing the changes and growth of Pinellas County and its residents has been a real gift. I am proud to say that Splish Splash Window Cleaning has been a part of that.